Forssa is the busy centre of the region's commercial life and services. During the summer market days (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), the town centre is full of hustle and bustle, and various events draw people from far and wide.

Forssa is widely known as a sporting town, and its centre has every swimming lover’s must-see location: Viihdeuimala Vesihelmi Spa where you can spend hours splashing around in the bubbles, waves and slides.

Spa Vesihelmi

If you like outdoor swimming you have plenty of different beaches to choose from. Some of the beaches are open for winter swimming enthusiasts. In Linikkalanlammi (address: Nummilähteenkatu, Forssa) you can swim year-around, as the winter swimmers keep part of the lake surface open for swimming. Summer activities in Linikkalanlammi include kids pool, beach volley and diving platform. Other beaches are on lakes Mäkilammi (address: Eliaksentie, Forssa), Raitoonlammi (address: Raitoontie 518, Raitoo), Kaukjärvi , Valijärvi (address: Leppäkärjentie 23, Savijoki) and Ruostejärvi (Härkätie 8, Letku). In Mäkilammi area you can also play frisbeegolf,  beachvolley, hike in hilly area as well as barbecue in the hut. Valijärvi and Raitoonlammi beaches are located in the countryside, in the northern part of Forssa.  Ruostejärvi Reacreation Area is located in Tammela. 

Forssa is also known of its beautiful parksThe Forssa National Urban Park  is in the heart of the town . It's history tells of the fast change from the countryside environment into an industrialized centre in a century. In the area one can see the history of a small village settlement from the middle ages through the industrialized community to a modern town.


Forssa´s 110 parks around the town make sure that you can enjoy the town life at your own pace. Yhtiönpuisto and Ankkalammi parks are in the very heart of the town and easy to access. What a wonderful way to spend summer day as to have a picknick in the park. 

If you are into disc golf, in Forssa there are three courses. In Vieremä Mäkilammi area there is Hunnari 18 hole frisbee golf course. Hunnari DGP is demanding and physically tough due to the changes in the landscape. It is also extremely interesting and challenging for the player. The course is free of charge for the users. Local association FGB Forssa organises competitions every third Wednesday. There are also two other disc golf courses in Forssa. In Talsoila and in Viksberg there are 9 hole courses which are suitable for the beginners too.

Hunnari frisbee golf course in Vieremä Mäkilammi area

The spectacular Kehräämö area houses museums and exhibition spaces that showcase the city’s history and heritage. The area has formed into a popular event location. History has been honoured by renovating the Elävienkuvien Teatteri (Theatre of Living Pictures) in the heart of the city by River Loimijoki. You can also pay a visit to the past at the Hevossilta Museum Farm in the courtyards of the 1800s and 1950s.

The town houses annually the famous Forssan Holjat urban festival, Pick Nick car show, Forssan Suvi-ilta marathon event, the international Silent Film Festival and many other smaller events. The Forssa area tourist information operates in the summer months alongside the cafe in the marketplace.

Pick Nick car show

Lasten liikennepuisto - Traffic park for children is extremely popular during summer season. Children from 4 to 12 years have a possibility to learn traffic behaviour. The park has no admission. Children register in on arrival and supervisors help with traffic rules. The park is open from June to August and provides excellent opportunity for families to spend educational and fun day together.

Traffic park for children

The tourist advisory centre at Forssa Business Development Ltd’s premises provides information on the region's (Forssa, Humppila, Jokioinen, Tammela, Ypäjä) events, sights, shopping areas, accommodation, group outings, activities, places to eat, guided tours and nature treks. The tourist advisory centre arranges tours and theme based excursions around the region provided by The South-West Häme Tour Guide Association. The tourist advisory centre also displays brochures about other interesting Finnish tourist locations.

Forssa region’s Tourism Coordinator Mari Noromies-Wahl will serve you at the tourist advisory centre. The tourist advisory centre is open from Monday to Friday at 08:00–16:00.

For additional information about tourism services in English, please visit

Forssa Region Tourist Advisory Service
Koulukatu 13
30100 FORSSA
Tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5266