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Spinning Mill Area

Spinning Mill Area

The historic Forssa cotton mill was founded by Swedish-born Axel Wahren in 1847. The spinning mill was soon followed by a weaving mill, yarn dye works and the first industrial fabric printing plant in the country. The developing textile industry soon attracted people from near and far, and the small factory town grew into a city.

The spinning mill ceases operating in 1980, after which it has been renovated into a vibrant cultural centre and a fun place to visit. 

Visit our museums and exhibitions, and enjoy refreshments at the terrace by the 36-meter-tall chimney. You can also check out the Kuhalankoski rapids and admire the green landscape which brings together the historic industrial red-brick architecture, as well as the park that borders it.

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30100 Forssa

On site services for travellers and visitors:

Forssa museum & Pattern Centre
Museum Shop
Forssa Nature Museum
Forssa Library
Exhibition Space Vinkkeli
Restaurant Old Dyer & Chimney Terrace
Lifestyle shop Hushållska
Nightclub Status
Pop-up Bar Pore
Forssa Art School
Forssa Music School
Wahren Opisto - Adult Education Centre
Forssa Youth Services
HAMK Forssa
Axel Wahren Pre-School and Kindergarten
Forssa Factory Park & Kuhalankoski Rapids
Kati Länsikylä Photography Studio
Mainossatama Advertising Agency

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