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Forssa Church

Forssa Church

The new gothic style church was built in 1917-1918 and architect Josef Stenbäck designed the church.

One speciality of the church is the direction the altar is facing. Usually the altar is in the east end of the church but in this case it is in the west. The reason is pure practicality. since now the entrance is not in the high steep.

The glass paintings of the altar are widely known. The three paintings symbolize the birth of the Christ, the crucifixion, and the resurrection. They were made by Erik O. W. Ehrström and his wife Ollie in 1923. There are three bells in the church tower and they were donated by K. E. Palmen.  The biggest one is called De Gloria. The middle size bell is called Patriae Lux. The smallest one is called Labori Pax. They weigh 3 560 kg all together.  The organ of the church has been made in Espoo by an organ manufacturing company Veikko Virtanen in 1979.

Forssa Church serves as a road church during the summer. It's offering tourists a different place to rest. It's open from the beginning of June to mid August. The road church offers an opportunity to see the magnificent architecture. You can also hear the stories of the guide about the local history.

Additional info

I Linja
30100 Forssa
+358 (0)3 41 451

Open 10.6.-13.8.2023
Tue-Fri 10-17
Sat 10-16
Sun 12-17

A guide is available during the opening hours, otherwise by request.
8.6.-10.8.2023 on Thursdays at 12am "Organ quarter of hour", 15 minutes organ music.

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