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Tannery Museum

Tannery Museum

Porras tannery was established in the early 1880's. Nowadays it's presumably the only tannery museum in Finland. It's exhibiting the tanning of the late 19th century,and the early 20th century.

The value of the Porras tannery is highlighted because of the buildings. There is also plenty of historical artefacts and documents. These are relating to the old tanning industry.

All the machinery used in the leather manufacturing in the tannery, are still in their old places in the building.

Old storage spaces of the building are now serving as a restaurant. It also provides a beautiful and inspiring environment for different types of conferences.

Accommodation building has served as a home for the employees of Porras tannery.It has been refurbished just few years back for accommodation purposes. Two suites, one for max. 4 people and the other one for max. 6 people, plus two extra beds available in both suites. The accommodation fee depends on the number of people staying over night. In both suites there is a kitchen and a shower.

Additional info

Kappelintie 26
31340 Porras
+358 (0)40 767 5928,
+358 (0)40 861 5555

To the parking lot Härkätie 1716

The museum is open in the summer from June 8 to August 6, 2023
Wed-Sat 11am-5pm
Sun 10am-2 pm
There are a few exceptions to the opening hours related to private events.
They will be announced on the website.

Entrance fee to museum 5€ / adults, 2€ / 7-17 years, under 7 years free.

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