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A wine bar and ceramics shop located in the center of Forssa, which combines the two creative fields of wine master and ceramic artisan Krista Mänttäri.

Pore's wine bar offers carefully selected wines, certainly high-quality ones at a friendly price. Pore's wine bar's wine list is constantly changing, you can taste something new in your glass every weekend. The list includes classics, novelties and natural wines. There is a little salt on the side of the wine glass.

Once a month, a wine tasting is organized with changing themes. Wine tastings are also available upon request.

There is also a small ceramics shop in connection with Pore's wine bar, which has individual, soulful and handmade ceramics for use and art. Come and buy something new and nice for your home or to give as a gift. Larger sets can also be made to order.

Ceramics courses are also organized for groups. A whole day of experience is created when ceramic art and wine tasting are combined. Ask more!

Additional info

Hämeentie 8
30100 Forssa
+358 (0)40 867 1562

The wine bar is open irregularly, but with an emphasis on the end of the week.
Opening hours are always announced one month at a time.

The ceramics shop is open, as is the wine bar. Or by arrangement.

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