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Summer terrace Piipputerassi & restaurant Vanha Värjäri

Summer terrace Piipputerassi & restaurant Vanha Värjäri

Located in the heart of Forssa, at the historical Spinning Mill area. This cozy summer terrace offers food, cafe and refreshing beverages.

The terrace has A-rights and the sale includes also local Brewery Olutmylly products. Delicious meat, chicken and fish dishes with vegetables are cooked in a grill.

The restaurant Vanha Värjäri can host a party for up to 200 people. Conference facilities can also be reserved for a 15-person cabinet.

Come and enjoy Piipputerassi summer!

Additional info

Wahreninkatu 11
30100 Forssa
+358 (0)50 562 7741
info@ piipputerassi.fi

Terrace is open
Mon-Thu 11-21
Fri-Sat 11-22
Sun 12-20

Restaurant Vanha Värjäri open on request.

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