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Restaurant Status

Restaurant Status

Popular Night club Status is located at the heart of old textile factory area in the city center. Nightclub has a big and comfy terrace. Among normal disco nights the Status offers also theme parties, live music, student parties and karaoke nights. Age limit for nightclub is 18 years.

The American style food restaurant takes you to a taste adventure to the other side of the ocean. Special diets are taken into account.

Additional info

Wahreninkatu 4A
30100 Forssa
+358 (0)3 433 5185

The night club is temporarily closed due to the corona virus situation from 12.10.2020 onward.

Night Club is open
Wednesday, student parties (R18) 20-01
Friday & Saturday disco/live music (R18) 20-01

Food restaurant is open from 15th of January 2021
Fri-Sat 13-22 (kitchen is closed at 21)
Sun 13-19 (kitchen is closed at 16.30)

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