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  • Kesätorin tunnelmaa Kehräämöalueella. Athmosphere at the summer market in the Spinning Mill are
  • Fatbike retken evästauko laavulla. Break from fatbike excursion.
  • Kapearaiteinen museojuna liikennöi Jokioisten ja Humppilan välillä. Narrow gauge museum train operates in Jokioinen and Humppila.
  • Kuvassa tyttö toivottaa vieraat tervetulleeksi Museotila Hevossillalle. Wellcome to Hevossilta.
  • Opastekyltti näkötornille. Sign to guide to observation tower.

Basic info




Constellation walk

Stargazing at Saari Folkpark starts during Nautical Twilight when stars start to appear.
The walk takes short distances while mostly looking up, recognizing stars and constellation with a wilderness guide.
Duration is 1½ hours.

15€ / person, 10€ / children
group size of 1-25


Farm Escape Forssa

Room Escape played with small kind animals, inside a real horse stable. Can you get out in one hour?  The animals can be cuddled and fed with the snacks available.
Duration is one hour. 

45€ / person
group size 2-10, minimum fee 180€ 


Snowshoeing in Torronsuo National Park

Experience the deepest swamp in Finland under your snowshoes with a local nature guide. Torronsuo offers flat open terrain and in winter the route is not tied to existing duckboards.
Duration is two hours.

30€ /person
group size of 6-14


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