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Keppana Kellari´s Sauna

Keppana Kellari´s Sauna

Keppana Kellari is a popular restaurant located in Liesjärvi village in Tammela municipality. Keppana Kellari also accommodates visitors in cottages nearby the restaurant. The sauna is located right on the shore of Lake Herttuajärvi, in connection with a rental cottage called Ranta-Koivula. Keppana Kellari’s restaurant is within walking distance. The sauna and fireplace room are also well suited as a meeting room

The 50 sqm facilities include a sauna, a washroom, a dressing room. There is also a livingroom with a kitchenette. In front of the sauna there is a cozy terrace overlooking the lake. On the beach, saunas have a pier for  cooling off in the lake. Lake Herttuajärvi has clear water and its shore is shallow and child friendly. 

The sauna with the livingroom is best suited for sauna evenings for about 10 people. It can also be used as a meeting and recreation day space.

Welcome to recharge at the heart of nature in the landscapes of the Tammela lake plateau!


250 € / night for 6 people + 10 € for additional persons or by agreement.

As an additional service

  • Electric sauna heating in advance 50 €
  • Heating of the wooden sauna in advance 100 €
  • Towels 5 € / person

It is possible to order drinks in the fridge. The sauna experience can be combined with dining in the restaurant nearby. The sauna does not have its own accommodation, but there are cottages for rent in the area.

Additional info

Koivulantie 6
31350 Liesjärvi
+358 (0)3 435 5308

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