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Saunas at Hevossilta museum estate

Saunas at Hevossilta museum estate

Is there a better way to experience finnish lifestyle than bathing in a sauna? The Hevossilta's charming museum courtyard has as many as five saunas, three of which are authentic old smoke and traditional saunas over 100 years old. In summer it is possible to cool off in the courtyard pond.

The sauna groups always has a use of a meeting/dressing room. There they can continue the evening. For example, with a dinner recommended by the sauna elf or karaoke in the Tallitupa restaurant. 

The log cabins also have modern saunas with showers.


  • Loft smoke sauna and dressing room with fireplace 615 €
  • Attic sauna and dressing room 615 €
  • Earth smoke sauna 615 €
  • Country sauna 150 €
  • Private sauna and dressing room and terrace 200 €
  • Mirella cottage sauna with shower 300 €
  • Marie's cottage sauna with shower 200 €
  • Heated bath (in summer) 150 €
  • Bath towel € 3, bath robe 4€

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Tampereentie 450
30100 Forssa
+358 (0)3 435 0257, (0)400 422 218

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