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The Golden Hill, 17, 6 and 10+4 persons

The Golden Hill, 17, 6 and 10+4 persons

The Golden Hill is situated beside Lake Pyhäjärvi in Tammela with three different accommodation premises.

Kultakukkuran Majoitusaitta is an idyllic accommodation house with five separate rooms for 1-5 persons, joined kitchen. Building is hired for small groups as a large cottage but also for individuals. Room for a maximum of 17 people.

A small sauna cottage beside Lake Pyhäjärvi for 6 persons.

Also big 220 m2 holiday stockhouse near the beach, with beautiful scenery to the Pyhäjärvi Lake. In the house there is 6 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, kitchen, electric sauna, one warm terrace and two outdoor terrace. The house is suitable for 10+4 persons.

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Papinsillantie 180
30100 Forssa
+358 (0)50 596 5180
info@ kultakukkura.fi

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