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Wellness Hotel Luppo

Wellness Hotel Luppo

The wellness hotel Luppo is located in the historic weaving area of Forssa, on the banks of the Loimijoki River and in the middle of a beautiful National Urban Park. The unique seven-room hotel has the space and time to face yourself.

At the heart of Luppo's services are different nature packages for small groups and various holiday packages that increase physical and mental resources. Luppo offers wellness days, nature-themed short courses and rehabilitation packages for companies, business groups and also individual small groups.

Additional info

Kutomokuja 2 A 1
30100 Forssa
+ 358 (0)500 878 365 / Minna
+ 358 (0)50 461 9629 / Tarja
minna@ forssanluppo.fi
tarja@ forssanluppo.fi

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