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Forssa Museum

Forssa Museum

The museum is located in the heart of the former Spinning Mill, nowadays a lively cultural centre of Forssa. 

Museum´s exhibition, City of Colourful Cloth, tells how Forssa evolved from a group of farming villages.

Gallery Moletti with changing exhibitions.

Forssa museum was elected as a Museum of the year 2014, and was a nominee for the European Museum 2015.

Additional info

Wahreninkatu 12
30100 Forssa
+358 (0)3 4141 5100
kati.kivimaki@ forssa.fi

Open Tue-Fri 10-16, Sat 10-14 (June-August 12-16) and Sun 12-16.

Entrance fee 5€ / adults, 3€ / seniors, students and unemployed.
Free entrance for those under 18 years and museum professionals..
Free entrance for Gallery Moletti.

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