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Breweryshop and TapRoom OlutMylly Forssa

Breweryshop and TapRoom OlutMylly Forssa

New Brewery OlutMylly Forssa launched its production in early summer 2018.

There is also a TapRoom, which is a 10-person pub for tasting different beers and a meeting room for 20 people.

The brewery's beers are also served in some of the local restaurants.Products can also be bought from regional stores.

Welcome to beer tasting - gathering - or shopping!

Additional info

Yrittäjänkaari 17
30420 Forssa
+358 (0)40 553 6993,
+358 (0)400 879668

info@ olutmylly.fi

Opening hours
Tue-Wed 11-14
Thu-Fri 11-17
Sat 10-20

Also open on request

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