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Mustialan Kievari and restaurant Wanha Viljamakasiini

Mustialan Kievari and restaurant Wanha Viljamakasiini

Mustiala is an interesting and attractive place, and its buildings are a unique part of Finland’s history and the present day. The garden and old buildings date back to the mid-1800s when Mustiala was established as Finland’s first agricultural college. A historic setting including an agricultural museum and a brewery with its own beer house. 

The Mustiala Agricultural Museum is open on request.

Mustiala has its own brewery and the products are on sale in the beerhouse Wanha Viljamakasiini which serves also as a café. Inside, there is seating for about 60 people, and in the summer you can spend the day on the terrace.

In the historic grounds of Mustiala, accommodation is available in buildings dating from the 1800s, equipped to a good standard. Shared toilet and shower facilities in the hallways and a communal kitchen open for use. During the winter months there is accommodation for up to 43 persons and during the summer more than 100 persons and a caravan area. There is a limited number of pet rooms.

Well-equipped facilities in a cozy manor house environment are ideal for meetings and celebrations.  Choose from an auditorium or a ballroom for up to 70 people with tables for up to 100 people. Without tables, the hall can seat up to 200 people. In addition, there are several classrooms of different sizes as well as IT rooms.

The Mustiala pond has access to a swim and a nostalgic sauna with a fireplace room is available for groups.
The Mustiala Park also includes a part of the Tammela Frisbee Golf Course and a lean-to for free use.
The modern cow shelter also has a viewing balcony.
The Museum of Agricultural History is open for groups upon request.

Additional info

Renkituvantie 10
31310 Mustiala
+358 (0)50 336 3301
info@ elosaosk.com


Mon and Tue closed
Wed and Thurs 16-20
Fri 14-20
Sat 12-20
Sun 12-18
(Midsummer opening hours Fri 10-20, Sat and Sun closed)

Mon closed
Tue-Thurs 16-22
Fri and Sat 10-22
Sun 12-18

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