Forssa has a plethora of hobby opportunities. The traditional history is strongly present in the redbrick industrial buildings that have been transformed into strongholds of business, culture and education. The unique history is most powerfully present at the idyllic Kehräämö area where you can also find the service units of the Wahren Centre. The Wahren Centre coordinates the town’s general cultural activities and produces educational and teaching services of voluntary education and basic education in art as well as museum, library and information services. Also the town’s Youth Department’s premises are located in the Kehräämö area.

Forssa Town Library at Spinning Mill Area.

When it comes to culture, the Forssa theatre, music school, school of visual arts and courses at the adult education centre provide meaningful hobbies. In addition, the ample event offering especially in the summer colours the town life.

The town houses annually the famous Holjat urban festival,  Pick Nick car show, the international Silent Film Festival and many other smaller events.

Forssa is widely known as a sporting town, and its centre has every swimming lover’s must-see location: Viihdeuimala Vesihelmi Spa where you can spend hours splashing around in the bubbles, waves and slides. The pool area has a pool for exercising, a pool with artificial waves, a therapy pool and a cold pool. The diving platform, spring board, and water slides together with the whirlpools and massaging showers all contribute to a fabulous aquatic experience. The use of the exercise and body building gyms are also included in the entrance fee.

There are also all kinds of other extensive exercising opportunities for the people of the municipality. The city has an excellent setting for sports, including an indoor ice rink with its practice rinks, Feeniks Sports Centre and an outdoor sports field. Also the tennis courts, an archery track, hammer throw and shot-put tracks, nature paths and outdoor recreational areas, a cross-training area at Lamminranta, frisbee golf tracks at Vieremä and Talsoila, a parkour course and beaches open in the summertime enable diverse activities.

Beach at Vieremä Mäkilammi area.

The Pilvenmäki Trotting Race Centre has organised trotting races in the same location for the longest period of time in Finland. The final stretch of the trotting track is the second longest in Finland. Two or three races are organised at Pilvenmäki every month.

The Sports Department organises sports groups taking into account special groups, senior citizens, the unemployed and those municipality residents who do not move sufficiently for their health. Sports offering calendars that include all forms of exercise on offer for adults, special groups and senior citizens in Forssa are updated always in January and August–September. The Sports Department organises different sports events, exercise seasons all year around as well as sports pass campaigns for first and second graders, etc. They work in close cooperation with different associations and organisations promoting health and pensioners’ well-being. One effort of the cooperation has been the popular Dance for the elderly.

In the town of Forssa, you can also engage in sports and exercise activities in associations and organisations. For instance, basket ball (www.fokopo.fi, www.forssanalku.fi, Feeniks Basket), ice hockey (www.forssanpalloseura.fi, www.fopsjuniorit.fi), football (www.fjk.fi), floor ball (www.fosu.fi), gymnastics (forssannaisvoimistelijat.sporttisaitti.com), etc. 

For further information about places to exercise and groups, please contact
Sports Services Coordinator Pauliina Jolanki, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5645.

Youth Department 

Forssa has three youth centres, in Paavola, Viksberg and Kehräämö. Activities are organised in the afternoon and evenings. Also the town’s Traffic Park offers fun summer activities for children.

Additional information from Head of Education Jarmo Pynnönen, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5290

Youth centre:

Kehräämö youth centre Kuutamo, Wahreninkatu 11 G    tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5513

Kehräämö youth centre Kuutamo.

The Wahren Centre

The Wahren centre is the home to the Forssa Museum, a school of visual arts, a music school, an adult education centre and a library. Elävien Kuvien Teatteri (‘The Theatre of Living Pictures’), the Forssa Theatre and the Museum of Natural History also work in close and active cooperation with the Centre. Everyone is welcome to the concerts, performances, events and occasions organised by the Wahren Centre.

Wahren Centre’s units:

The Wahren Institute, Wahreninkatu 11 B, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5390

Forssa Town Library, Wahreninkatu 4, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5405
Director of Library Service Mrs. Maarit Järveläinen, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5400
online library: www.lounakirjastot.fi

Forssa School of Visual Arts for children and young people, Wahreninkatu 13
Head Teacher Mrs. Teija Lauronen, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5499

Southwestern Tavastia School of Music, Wahreninkatu 11 B, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5801
Deputy rector Mrs. Terhi Karhumäki, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5800

Forssa Museum, Wahreninkatu 12, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5838
Museum Director Mrs. Kati Kivimäki, tel.+358 (0)3 4141 5837