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Forssa is a charming and lively town of 18 000 inhabitants offering high quality and comprehensive services, which are all within easy reach. Forssa is also the economic hub for 36 000 people and the centre for jobs, housing, education, commercial services and leisure time activities. Its location, at the centre of the triangle, joining the main cities in the south of Finland of Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, is one of the advantages for residents as well as for the business community.

A short history of Forssa

Forssa's history began in 1847 when the Swedish born Axel Wilhelm Wahren founded a cotton mill by the side of the Loimijoki river. Industrialisation gathered speed and the town grew and developed alongside the factory. In addition to the factory buildings, Wahren arranged to have built homes, a hospital, a library, a general store and a school.
The township of Forssa was founded in 1923 and in 1964 was granted its charter and officially became a town. At the same time the building of the new trunk roads to Turku, Pori and Helsinki accelerated the town's development.

The town for living

Forssa is a verdant town with many parks and recreational areas, which help to create a pleasant and healthy living environment. The heart of the community is the vibrant market place with its leafy surroundings and picturesque duck pond. This is a popular meeting place for local people and visitors alike. The town is characterised by a historical and cultural ambience, which originates from Forssa's colourful past as a centre for the textile industry. The most notable landmarks include the impressive red brick buildings of Kutomo and Kehräämö. These were formally a textile mill and a spinning mill respectively. Today, Kutomo is a busy shopping centre and Kehräämö's beautiful milieu is a focal point for education and culture.

The town for business

The local economy is strongly supported by enterprises operating in various business areas including the manufacture of building products, electronics and environmental technology, printing, information and communication technology and the metal and food industries.

The town for leisure

There is a wonderful range of opportunities for leisure time activities in Forssa. For physically active people, there are amenities such as the Feeniks sport centre, various sporting clubs, sports fields, running tracks and outdoor recreation areas as well as the Vesihelmi Water Park, all of which provide excellent facilities for exercise.

On the cultural front, rewarding leisure time activities are offered by the Forssa theatre, music and art schools and the courses run by the Vocational Adult Education Centre. Additionally, there is a full calendar of events, which add further colour to the quality of life in the town, especially in the summertime.

The town for learning

Forssa is proud of its schools, university, vocational institute and adult education centre. The upper secondary school offers a very high standard of teaching with a wide curriculum and provides its students with a solid foundation to continue their studies in further and higher education. There are degree level courses at the University of Applied Sciences in engineering and nursing, the vocational institute provides skills for a multitude of practical professions and the adult education centre equips adults with the skills to seek new professions.

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